The synthesis behind Tapestry began in late 2013, when, in knowing that a new choir was about to be attempted, founders began to contemplate what it could be that would make this particular choir unique, as a group of friends who sing is fun, but a group that uses singing to promote ideals is lasting.

The problem, however, in musing over ideals, is one may find that there are many more than can possibly be fulfilled. In short, Tapestry, being such an energetic group, wanted to be able to perform everything for everyone. And such were the beginning principles for the group.

Perform everything- There is wonderful music in all styles and from all time periods in choral music. Choosing one style, one time period, can have its merits, but Tapestry was founded to be a group that would choose music based on substance rather than style. Through this philosophy, Tapestry’s intention was and is to have their audience leave each concert feeling that they went through a rich cultural experience.

Perform for everyone- In this day, attending classical concerts has become regarded as an experience reserved for the rich. This unfortunate circumstance has, over time, led to a diminishing of knowledge and appreciation of choral music throughout the general populace. Tapestry sought and seeks to help reverse that trend by offering lower ticket prices in order to be accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

And so, with those principles in mind, “Tapestry,” a choir that is named for the diversity of styles, periods, and people all woven into one artistic group, held its first rehearsal in January of 2014. And it was, after all that musing, still just a group of friends who had fun singing together.

In development of choir through friendship, Tapestry soon realized a penchant for sensitive blend and artistry. Their first program, simply titled “Tapestry in Concert,” featured a set of Modern Impressionism in the first half, and Spirituals in the second, complimented by various solo works throughout. It was received with overwhelming positivity, and shortly after, Tapestry took up residence in The Church of Saint Thomas More in Manhattan.

Since then, Tapestry has continued to take artistic steps forward, collaborating with professional instrumentalists, dancers, choirs, and a choreographer to present several engaging performances which have included World, Classical, and Early music as well as performances in a ballet at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and with the world-renowned Australian Voices.